Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleaning your crystals… If your crystal has any physical debris like mud or dirt, you can brush it off or you can rinse in warm water and gently use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove the debris. This is especially helpful if it is a faceted crystal. A toothpick will work in getting into nooks and crannies. Polished crystals just need a rinse under warm water. Next, set them in the sun to dry.

Cleansing your crystal is very important as it removes any negative energies or vibrations it has absorbed so as not to transfer those energies to yourself or others. There are different methods to doing this. Some people like to bury their crystals in the ground or in salt. I personally prefer to soak them in a sea salt bath. I gently place them in a glass bowl be careful though not to chip them, a plastic bowl is fine too, cover with room temp water, spring water is preferable since it has minerals and nutrients but not necessary. If you live near the ocean, you can use sea water which I think would be fantastic to take advantage of because of the naturally occurring nutrients and salt. If doing the bowl method, place the crystals, cover them with water and add sea salt. Depending how many crystals I am cleansing which I usually do a few at time, about a teaspoon of tablespoon of salt is sufficient. Use your judgement. I usually soak mine for about 24 hours. Pour the water off, if you can, rinse them off with spring water and set them on a paper towel or cloth to dry. That's it! Simple to do. Next, I will get into charging your crystals in my upcoming post.